Bravo Announces 'Silicon Valley' Reality Show

When it comes to reality TV, it seems absolutely nothing -- and certainly not Silicon Valley -- is off-limits.

On April 4, Bravo announced its latest batch of greenlighted series, one of which has the working title of "Silicon Valley."

The show is described thus, per the release:

Teaming up with internet entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, Bravo captures the intertwining lives of young professionals on the path to becoming Silicon Valley’s next great success stories.

Yes, you read that right -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's older sister is heading up the project as an executive producer.

Up until last August, Randi Zuckerberg had still been working with her brother at Facebook but left to start her own company, R to Z Media. "My goal is to launch my own innovative programming and work with media companies to develop their programming in new, and more social ways," she wrote in her resignation letter, obtained by AllThingsD.

Well, this idea is certainly new, though it's been in the works for months. According to VentureBeat, Bravo began searching for the show's cast members back in October by posting an ad on Craigslist. Casters apparently even sent a letter to Digg founder Kevin Rose, tweeted "yuck" in response.

According to TechCrunch, Hermione Way, a journalist at The Next Web; Kim Taylor, an account director at Ampush Media; and Dwight Crow, the founder of a new start-up, seem to be a few of the show's current cast members.

As if a "Silicon Valley" reality TV show isn't overwhelming enough for the tech world, Bravo also mentioned it would be running a docu-series called "Huh?" which will follow the lives of Cheezburger Networks founder Ben Huh and his staff. (And if it features half as many cats jokes as Huh's network of Internet humor sites, it may be worth a watch. Maybe.)

Check out a video (below) for a preview of the "Silicon Valley" reality show, which starts around 1:20, after several clips for more upcoming Bravo shows.

What do you think of Bravo's new TV series? Will you be watching them?

WATCH: [via AllThingsD]

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