Could Your Spa Use a Little Bravo?

Like many folks in the spa and beauty industry, I love a good makeover. A lot of people eagerly anticipate the preliminary auditions of American Idol. For me however, the good part doesn't start until the glam squad begins re-imaging the contestants. This is when we see the possibilities of their full potential and that is when the competition really begins.

In my mind Bravo serves up the absolute best makeover dramas; from the fabulous hissy fits of interior designer Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out to the intimidating perfectionism of Tabatha Coffey as she takes over someone's salon while rocking her trademark dominatrix inspired gear and white blond hair. I love it.

As a spa consultant, I believe that the first quarter is one of the best times to conduct trainings, ramp up your image and initiate changes if you want to see a difference in your spa for the balance of the year and beyond. I think that Bravo's Andy Cohen has the right group of "bravolebrities" to work with me as co-consultants for the betterment of all concerned. After all spa and reality television are both about escapism, image and relaxation more or less.

I would love to take Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof, restaurateur and hotelier respectively, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with me on assignment to a five-star spa and get their opinions on the service delivery. As divas of luxury, I'm sure that their input would be valuable in raising the level of quality particularly with the in-room treatments.

I'd want Mama Elsa to fly in from Miami and psychically sweep the spa of bad attitudes and spirits that could inhibit positive feelings from flowing freely from therapist to client.

Bethenny Frankel, creator of the Skinny Girl empire would be an essential speaker to deliver a course on client engagement, likability and how to maximize sales to become a million dollar business.

Khandi Burrus the voice of reason from Real Housewives of Atlanta could also talk extensively about how to remain flexible, diversified and profitable in the face of change and conflicting personality types.

Chef Roble' could bring a fresh outlook to spa cuisine and create healthy, trendy treats for a little nosh between services.

Most certainly Jeremiah Brent, the intrepid young designer from the Rachel Zoe Project is key for recommendations on the best use of space.

And Bravo Andy could demonstrate how to charm a crowd, work a front desk and be the host dujour even when drinking games are not allowed.

This is my dream team, however, until my budget expands it's just me. And that's not too shabby.

Linda Harding-Bond is President of Moontide Consulting