Bravo's Jackie Warner Once Weighed 169, Felt 'Miserable' And 'Out Of Control'

Jackie Warner, star of Bravo's new weight-loss show 'Thintervention' (and previously of 'Work Out') is known for her ripped abs, but in college she struggled with her weight, gaining more than 50 pounds. She opens up about her food and body issues and how she overcame them in the new issue of In Touch Weekly.

Fellow tight-bodied television trainer Jillian Michaels was also overweight as a teen.

In Touch's press release follows:

Looking at that toned physique, it's hard to believe that former Work Out star Jackie Warner was ever out of shape. But the 42-year-old trainer tells In Touch she had serious weight issues in college, when she ballooned from 118 pounds to 169. "I was alone in LA, and it was a huge culture shock," recalls the Ohio native. "I was depressed and ate junk food every day." Now starring on Thintervention (Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo), which helps people deal with the physical and emotional challenges of food addiction, Jackie opens up about how she took control of her body and life.

How did you feel at your heaviest weight?

I was miserable and felt so out of control. I tried covering up with baggy clothes, but I was insecure from the time I woke up until I went to sleep.

How did you get into shape?

It took four months. I was ambitious, and knew I wouldn't get anywhere carrying all that insecurity. So I started walking to school every morning, exercising and eating healthy.

How are you feeling about your body these days?

It's been two years since I've been on TV, and you do go through a lot of physical changes, but I think my body looks better than it ever has!

Do you have regrets about doing Work Out?

There's nothing more honest than seeing yourself reflected back on camera. I didn't like how I was portrayed, but I did a lot of self-work and changed the things I didn't like.

Has your new long hair had any effect on your love life?

I get hit on by men, not just women! I just got out of a relationship, but the women I'm dating now are worlds away from the women of three years ago. My standards are higher.