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Brawl Breaks Out On British Airways Flight, Colin Firth Unharmed

A brawl broke out Wednesday on a London-bound British Airways flight, and was so bad crew could not break it up. Romantic comedy fans will be happy to hear that passenger Colin Firth was not harmed in the fray.

According to The Telegraph, the fight broke out after one passenger accused the other of stealing money. Cabin crew tried unsuccessfully to establish peace. They radioed ahead to Heathrow, and were met by armed police officers.

"Passengers were in meltdown when it spiralled out of control. It was scary for fliers who feared for the safety of the flight," a British Airways source told The Sun.

For his part, Firth sat calmly in his seat, ignoring the action as to keep his family calm.

The two passengers remain unidentified and no arrests have been made.

This isn't the first time a mid-air disagreement turned ugly. (And, we're guessing it won't be the last.) Setting past precedent are instances like the fight last May that saw a woman's clothes ripped and hair pulled out. That same month, an in-flight fight caused fighter jets to be scrambled. Shortly thereafter, in June, a mass brawl aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight ended with a woman in an arm sling.