'Braxton Family Values' Captures Major Drama

The season two premiere of the original series "Braxton Family Values" ranked number one for women between the ages of 18 and 34 among all ad-supported cable networks. But that huge success came with an equally large sacrifice.

"Toni and her sister, Tamar, are fighting on- and off-camera," a family insider told me. "It's gotten so bad that they no longer will do interviews together. When Tamar found out [on the Internet] that Toni had fired her husband as her manager ... that was it."

Tamar blames her sister's ego for the rift, telling me that Toni fired her husband because "she wanted to be Toni Braxton extraordinaire."

Since then, the family album that everyone has been working on has been pushed back while Tamar works on her own solo CD, adding more tension to the group's dynamic.

"It's a work in progress. But remember in season one I always said I was going to do my solo album. Point blank. Period," Tamar told me. "But I think there is going to be a Braxton record [featuring the whole family]," she added.

And with those ratings and the fact that the show trended on Twitter a full hour before its premiere, WETV network executives are hoping Tamar and her sister stay the course -- however painful it may be.