Toni Braxton Says She Doesn't Want To Be In The Next Season Of 'Braxton Family Values' (VIDEO)

On the "Braxton Family Values" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on WE) reunion special Toni Braxton opened up about the pressure of being featured in a reality TV show.

Wendy Williams asked Toni she made a conscious decision to take a backseat during Season 2. "It is extremely invasive," Toni said. "Everywhere you go in your life is 'there,' and for me, I don't like that."

She added that "over time you forget that the cameras are there, and then you become completely open and ... you're exposed."

So, will Toni be featured in Season 3? To sister Tamar's horror, Toni hinted that no, she won't appear in the show. "But 'The Braxtons' is not 'The Braxtons' without Toni!" said Tamar.

What Wendy wanted to know next was, based on Toni's experiences of marital and financial troubles, is it better marry for love or money? To loud groans from the audience, Toni answered: "I think financial stability is a little bit more important because you can learn to love anyone."

Can't wait for Season 3 of "Braxton Family Values?" Check out Tamar's spin-off show when it premieres on WE.

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