Watch Thousands Scramble To Escape Chaos In Brazil's Subway During Transit Strike (VIDEO)

Mere weeks before the start of the World Cup, terrifying footage of an immense and chaotic crowd trying to get out of a Brazilian subway station has left many worried about the capacities of the country's transport system.

Posted online by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, the footage shows a swirling mass of people clambering over one another in the packed underground. There's fainting, screaming, and three security guards for whom regulating the insanity is probably above their pay grade.

As the New Republic notes, the overcrowding occurred during a bus strike on Tuesday that reportedly closed around half of the city's bus stops and left around 300,000 people to find alternative transport. Sao Paulo's metro was forced to deal with the overflow and that may have been too much for the underground system to handle.

Despite being South America's largest city, Sao Paulo's metro system has only about 46 miles of track for millions of commuters (for reference, similarly-sized Seoul has around 250 miles), leaving it vulnerable to such jams.

Beyond a claustrophobic spectacle, the video is yet another ominous sign for Brazil's lack of World Cup preparedness. Look on, ye soccer tourists, and despair.