Dog Love Motel In Brazil Offers Pets Romantic Ambiance And 'Reproductive Assistance' (VIDEO)

Ready to take puppy love to the next level?

Well it seems Brazil has just the right place for that romantic rendezvous, a love motel -- for dogs.

In the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, this newest addition to Animalle Mundo Pet, an eight-story pet complex, comes complete with red cushions, a heart-shaped ceiling mirror, and dimmed lighting to set the mood. A session could cost pet owners around $50, CNN reports. (Watch video above)

The pet complex comes complete with canine spa services, clothing, and even "reproductive assistance." As the Animalle Mundo Pet website states, the complex is willing to help owners crossbreed by offering artificial insemination, an evaluation of fertility for the female, an assessment of sperm quality for the male, and pre-natal counseling. The website continues:

For owners who want their dogs to have offspring but can not breed them now (due to personal issues, age, disease, animals that will be neutered soon...etc) we offer the option of freezing semen. Through this procedure the dog’s semen is preserved as long as necessary, until the owner finds a favorable time to use it.

And it seems that dog owners also love this newly inaugurated love shack, particularly for when pets are in heat or ready to be bred.

“I adore the romantic feel of this place,” Andreia Kfoury, owner of a Yorkshire terrier, told The New York Times. “I’m definitely bringing Harley back here when it’s time for him to breed. He is very macho, and would be a hit in this place.”

Brazil’s dog population is now around 36 million and the country is No. 1 in per capita ownership of small dogs, The New York Times Reports.

“Our clients don't see animals just as animals," Daniela Guimaraes, the owner of Animalle Mundo Pet, told CNN. "They talk about their pets like members of the family, 'my son' or 'my brother'."

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