Elderly Man In Brazil Makes Friends With A Hummingbird, Is Basically A 'Disney Princess'

Elderly Man Makes Friends With A Hummingbird, Is Basically A 'Disney Princess'

Every single day, an elderly man in Brazil is said to enjoy the company of a very special visitor.

The hummingbird — believed to be a juvenile — is said to make daily visits to João Silvestrini’s home, stopping by for a snack before returning to the wild.

“Come here. Come here, let’s talk close to the camera, okay? ... Drink a little bit? Like this,” Silvestrini coos to his feathery friend in the clip, telling the bird to sit on his finger. He said the hummingbird was left at his window by its mother, who no longer comes around.


“What a beautiful pair of friends,” wrote one YouTuber Friday, after watching video of the older man and his hummingbird pal.

“He’s officially a Disney Princess,” joked another.

But though this video is totally adorable, take heed: though putting out hummingbird feeders in your backyard or growing flowers that attract hummingbirds can be beneficial to the animal, in general, it’s good practice to leave wild animals as undisturbed as possible.

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