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It's Time To Bring Bread Bowls Back, And Here's How

Your soup will thank you.

Bread bowls, like taco salads, were huge in the '90s. Any casual dining establishment worth a grain of salt offered at least one of the two options, and a truly great restaurant had both. Sadly, the idea of making a bowl out of food fizzled at the start of the 21st century -- and with it the greatest way to enjoy a bowl of soup.

Everyone wants bread with their soup, so it's only natural to serve your soup inside a bowl made of bread. Handle the Heat -- a seasoned food blogger and new personal hero -- feels the same way about bread bowls. She loves them so much that she made a video tutorial on how to make them. (See the video above.)

Get baking, your soup (and stomach) will thank you.

(But first, heed our warning: these bowls are only suitable for the creamiest of soups. If you ladle a broth-y soup into one of these bowls you will end up with a big soggy mess.)

Get the full tutorial from Handle The Heat's over here and become a bread bowl-baking master thanks to all of Tessa's tips and tricks.

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Your soup will thank you.

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