Turns Out Bread Has Been 'Raw Toast' All Along

We KNEAD to resolve this. 🍞

We like to think we’re absolute masters when it comes to toast. But one man’s observation is making us doughbious.

This week, Twitter user Devonthesav sparked a hilarious discussion when he posed a loaf-ded question: “Do y’all eat peanut butter & jelly on raw toast or toasted toast?”

Users were quick to adopt the term, even providing helpful illustrations for the uninformed.

Some got deep into the semantics of it all.

King isn’t the first to raise this question about the familiar yeast product: Tweets from earlier this year reveal it’s been on users’ minds for a while, and an old Reddit post and Yahoo question board debate the terminology as far back as 2010. (Water is also “raw ice,” Reddit notes.)

The related but culinarily incorrect term “raw bread” has even been an Urban Dictionary entry for “uncooked toast” since 2014.

New or not, we find “raw toast” highly entertaining. Thanks to King for heating up the discussion once again.

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