A Top Tip For Breaking Any Addiction

Whether your addiction is chocolate, smoking, gambling or alcohol, this one top tip will help you change your approach to your addiction. Read on and you could be successful in breaking any habit once you see how you have been manipulated.

A lot of time and money is invested by powerful advertising agencies with the sole purpose of getting you hooked.

Advertisers also know that you are aware of being hooked and continue to hold onto your addiction, despite the crippling effect it may have on your body and lifestyle.

An analogy between poachers and advertisements.

Poachers use various methods to catch monkeys in the wild.

One is the method where a wooden crate has a nut inside of it and the monkey is able to see inside the crate.

The monkey then puts its hand inside the crate to retrieve the nut.

The hole in the crate is just large enough for the monkey to put its hand in the crate but not large enough for it to pass the hand out of the crate with the nut.

Legend has it that the monkey will not give up on the nut and refuses to let go.

Even when it realizes that it is going to be taken by the poachers, the monkey knows freedom is right there for the taking if only it lets loose the grip it has of the nut.

But it does not let go.

The monkey wants the nut; no matter what the consequence may be.

If it let go of the nut it would be free!

Are you holding on to your nuts?

Addictions can be crippling to your health and wellbeing and you know this.

Similar, the monkey knows if it lets go of the nut it will be free.

The nut becomes the most precious item, that the monkey is willing to die for it.

Are you holding on for dear life and remaining stuck in your situation?

My top tip:

Take the power back from the illusion that you are in control. You are not in control!

Let go of the nut now and be free.

See the addiction that has been created for what it is. You have been duped into thinking you cannot live without your chocolate fix or whatever it is that you are trying to abstain from.

Once you approach your addiction from a psychological perspective and see how you have been manipulated into thinking your nut (aka addiction) is worth risking everything in your life that you hold so dear, you then have the power.

Take that power now and turn it into a positive force.

See your addiction for what it is, nip it in the bud.

Seek out professional help if that is what is needed.

You have the power within you to let go of your nut.

I work with menopausal women overcoming symptoms associated with menopause, including weight gain. One of the biggest challenges I see in women is overcoming their addiction to the very foods that are exacerbating their menopausal symptoms.

Mental approach is the one tool that is often overlooked in the instance of weight loss and diet changes.

By addressing my approach to any diet and lifestyle changes, you will find any weight loss challenge succeed, hot flushes be gone and wake up refreshed after a night's sleep without the dreaded night sweats.

Julie Dargan is a Nurse, Naturopath BHSc and has worked in the wellness industry for over 30 years. Julie's FREE 5 Day Kickstart Program is excellent to get you on the right track in your weight loss quest. Julie also has a private Facebook group for women over 50 and looking for solutions to halt weight gain in the menopause.

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