Break Dance Kid: 6-Year-Old B-Girl Terra Wows Crowds With Her Unbelievably Good Dance Moves (VIDEO)

This 6-Year-Old Break Dancer Will Blow Your Mind

A 6-year-old break dance prodigy named "B-girl Terra" is putting all adult dancers to shame in a new video posted to YouTube.

Last weekend, the miniature competitor took part in the Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris, blowing away the rest of the contestants with her unbelievable windmills and headspins. Though she didn't walk away with the final prize in the Baby Battle (she was bested in the last round by fellow pint-sized break dancer, JStyles), her tiny track suit and killer moves have certainly won the hearts of everyone who's watched her since then.

For more B-girl Terra -- who is a member of the UK break dancing troupe Soul Mavericks -- check out her moves in the second and final rounds of the competition. And for more impressive child prodigies, check out the slideshow below.

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