'Breaking Amish: LA' Exclusive: Mennonite Matt 'Did Something Bad' (VIDEO)

TLC's hit series "Breaking Amish" follows rebellious Amish and Mennonite men and women as they explore the world outside of their sheltered communities -- and now they're headed to Los Angeles. We've got an exclusive sneak peek at "Breaking Amish: LA" (premieres Sun., July 21 at 10 p.m. ET) star Matt, who has a very dark secret.

He might be working with chickens in this clip, above, but Matt's dream is to have a career in fashion design. And he took ballet classes as a child before his family joined the Mennonite community. And he says he has a dark secret.

"I don't live at home anymore because I did something bad," says Matt. "Two years ago something happened -- something big, dark, happened in my life, and my parents found out about it, and it's been giving me grief ever since. It's one of those things ... one of those personal matters that you deal with, and you try to do it quietly. Once you're into something wrong, eventually things just explode."

What could Matt's dark secret be? We're so curious to find out. In the meantime, he tells us his "Dating Game" stats.

"I'm a proud V-card member, and I want to save my virginity until marriage, and I do not want to kiss until we get married. Eventually I do want to get married ... and she would probably at least have to wear some sort of head covering. I don't believe in premarital sex. I love God. I love my family. But I have a dream which is unusual ... it's a very unusual thing for a guy."

Doing "something bad" could mean any number of things, especially when you're from a very sheltered community of people. Any guesses as to what Matt's secret is?

"Breaking Amish: LA" premieres Sun., July 21 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.