'Breaking Amish: LA' Premiere: New Cast Has Secrets, Including Secret Pregnancy

While it's unlikely they were able to watch the first season of "Breaking Amish," five new Amish and Mennonite young adults were nevertheless inspired by the original cast, and decided they were ready to break away from their sheltered communities. This time, they headed to the West Coast with the premiere of "Breaking Amish: LA."

The big move came just in time for one of the five new cast members, as 21-year-old Lizzie revealed a secret that would have gotten her shunned from her community anyway.

“No one knows that I’m pregnant," she admitted. "Thank God the Amish traditional dresses are so modest and loose-fitting. That’s how I’ve been able to hide my belly.”

To make matters even more scandalous, Lizzie is pregnant out of wedlock -- and the father of the baby may not even be Amish.

Lizzie isn't the only one harboring a secret, either, though Matthew wasn't ready to admit to his. All he would say was that he "did something bad," which had The Huffington Post's Maggie Furlong anxious to know what he did. "What could Matt's dark secret be? ... Doing ‘something bad’ could mean any number of things, especially when you're from a very sheltered community of people.”

See how the West Coast changes the new cast of "Breaking Amish: LA," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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