'Breaking Amish: LA': Witchcraft Revelations Freak Out The House (VIDEO)

Apparently there was more to Betsy than even her Amish upbringing and marriage on "Breaking Amish: LA." On the latest episode of the show, the roommates learned that Betsy practiced witchcraft.

Apparently, she's been in contact with the spirit world and "demons" for years -- she even claimed to have had sex with Satan. Home alone, Betsy decided to try and summon a demon to the house. Spooked by this, the roommates decided they wanted to kick her out, but she left of her own will.

Not, however, before she put a hex on everyone there. She wrote all over the counters in lipstick, with messages like "SCREW YOU," "IVA'S A B*TCH," and "YOU'VE BEEN HEXED."

“‘You are all hexed, baby and all," Samuel read when the gang got back home. "She trashed the house and she hexed us all. I think we should've kicked her out when we had the chance.”

To make matters worse, Andrew hurt his foot shortly after this. When he had to be rushed to the hospital, everyone was convinced it was Betsy's hex at work. Radar Online's Alexis Tereszouk pointed out that Betsy was a little intense to begin with, freaking her roommates out already. This revelation only added fuel to the fire.

Do the kids of "Breaking Amish: LA" have any more shocking surprises up their sleeves? Find out on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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