'Breaking Amish': Rebecca Reveals Why She Has No Teeth (VIDEO)

'Breaking Amish': Rebecca Reveals Why She Has No Teeth

The Amish culture is still largely mysterious to much of the rest of the world. On "Breaking Amish," Rebecca revealed that her parents chose for the local Amish dentist to remove all of her teeth when she was 19-years old, as this is a common Amish tradition.

When she revealed this to the New York dentist she visited to get fitted for a new set of dentures, the dentist was shocked. Rebecca further explained that the dentists in her community have no formal training.

"These dentists do nothing, except pull your teeth," she said. That they do with a pair of pliers.

After hearing her tale, the dentist offered to set her up with her new dentures for free, explaining that losing her teeth at such a young age impacts her "quality of life."

"Breaking Amish" continues on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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