'Breaking Bad' Refresher: Epic Mash-Up Recaps All Five Seasons In Nine Hilarious Minutes (VIDEO)

How will "Breaking Bad" end? Your guess is as good as ours, but before we can find out in the final season (premieres Sun., Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC), this epic nine-minute refresher video, above, is a must-see.

It's hard to remember exactly how much death, double-crossing and destruction has happened on Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) journey from school teacher to total badass, but this video mash-up sums it up in the most epic way -- and it's funny, too.

(Obvious spoiler alert: If you're not caught up on "Breaking Bad," don't watch!)

Some choice moments include:
*0:13: "Pancakes?" - Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte)
*0:25: A nice "b*tch" montage from Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).
*1:09: "Walt shaves his head. Gets a new look. Choose coolest nickname in the world."
*1:40: We love Uncle Hector and his bell
*2:01: "Skyler's pissed. Starts smoking for some reason. Walt Jr chooses dumbest nickname in the world." "FLYNN!"
*2:09: "He's scared. Doesn't fit it. Sees Danny Trejo's head explode."
*2:20: "Skinny Pete gets robbed by meth addict Conan O'Brien."
*3:03: "People are crawling for some reason."
*3:46: The best Gale Boetticher moment ever.
*4:13: Oh, Mike ...
*5:13: "Bushy eyebrow owner is the worst negotiator ever."
*5:18: Stand-up comedian Bill Burr shout-out!
*5:34: What's the most badass line of the series? That's the one. "So badass."
*5:49: And another shout-out for stand-up comedian Bill Burr!
*7:02: Best junkyard owner ever.
*7:18: Chicken nuggets, anyone?
*7:56: And third time's the charm for stand-up comedian Bill Burr!
*8:07: Destiny's Child reference is the funniest joke of the mash-up.

How do you think it'll end?

The final season of "Breaking Bad" premieres Sun., Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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