'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul On Walter's Betrayal And Season 5

On AMC's hit drama "Breaking Bad," Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston) are the perfect poisonous pair. Walt needs someone to look down on, just as Jesse needs someone to look up to, but the Season 4 finale left more questions than answers for the pair.

Walter has consistently betrayed Jesse throughout the series, and the shocking end to Season 4 proved just that, as we found out that it was Walt who poisoned Brock (Ian Posada). Jesse may not know the truth yet, but how does actor Aaron Paul feel about Walter's betrayal?

"Shame on Walt," Paul told Vulture, while promoting his new film "Smashed" at Sundance. "Like, I hate Walt for what he’s done to Jesse. If only Jesse knew all the horrible things that he did, oh my God. I love that they’re back together, but it’s always been such a back-and-forth struggle, a love-hate relationship."

However, for Paul, he believes that the dynamic crime duo ultimately respect one another, even though they can't seem to trust each other.

"But I think at the end, in the parking lot, I think they’re there for each other," he revealed. "They know it was a rough ride. I think they understand each other as true partners now. I don’t think Walt considers himself as a boss to Jesse anymore. Maybe deep down, because Walt has a big ego, but I think Jesse sees himself as being equal to Walt."

One can't help but wonder if Walt's ultimate punishment for his crimes will come at the hands of Jesse -- or if the pair will be each other's undoing. After all, what's "Breaking Bad" without more death and destruction? Even the recently-engaged Paul has his own theory on how the series will end next season.

"It does involve a death, and possible deaths," he teased to Vulture, "Definitely people dying."