'Breaking Bad': Behind Bryan Cranston's Tighty Whities

Behind Walter White's Tighty Whities

Remember when Walter White was just a high school chemistry teacher who found himself in his tighty whities when he first tried his hand at cooking meth?

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan remembers those days well, but he's not making any promises that the show's final eight episodes will see the return of Walt's (Bryan Cranston) underwear.

"Bryan Cranston is a man who, for just the spare change in your pocket will most likely drop his pants if you ever run across him on the street," Gilligan said in a fan chat. "So even once the show ends, there's a great possibility of seeing Mr. Cranston in his underpants, even if he's not playing Walter White."

Last year, Cranston himself opened up about the significance of wearing tighty whities on the small screen.

"When I saw [tighty whities] in the script for 'Breaking Bad', I brought it to Vince Gilligan and pointed out that I wore them for seven years on 'Malcolm [In The Middle]' ... and then I realized that when [Gilligan] had Walt in tighty whities, he did it for a reason," he told TVOvermind. "Walter White wore them because he had stopped growing."

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"Breaking Bad," Season 5, Episode 1

"Breaking Bad," Season 5

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