10 Reasons Why Breaking Bad Deserves to Be Nominated for a Golden Globe

I think I speak for every maniacal fan of Breaking Bad when I type this sentiment: what were you thinking, Hollywood Foreign Press Association?

Your egregious snub of what was, quite possibly, one of the finest seasons of television ever -- a season demanding not just a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Series (Drama), but also a win -- should not go overlooked. If legions of Ryan Gosling fans can take to the offices of People magazine to decry his loss of the Sexiest Man Alive crown while wearing paper cutouts of his face, then the rest of us should wear Hazmat suits, half-blown-off Gus Fring masks, Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirts, and Heisenberg glasses and hats while we storm the HFPA's headquarters in protest. I'm willing to shave my head on behalf of fixer Mike if you are.

For any fan of the dramatic TV series, in general, Breaking Bad has consistently pushed the boundaries of both content and form. Vince Gilligan's ingenious story of a family-oriented chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine producer fueled by advanced-stage cancer, and later by his power-hungry Mr. Hyde alter-ego, Heisenberg, has delivered four seasons of thrilling twists, unforeseeable character turns -- not to mention spectacular character assassinations -- as well as an anti-hero who will go down in history wearing nothing but his tighty-whiteys. In short, it's the best of the novel-as-TV-series bunch offering an audience experience that has no rival.

But other than that, season four of Breaking Bad, in particular, was insane. What show in the current selected Best TV Series (Drama) crop has done everything from show you your worst nightmare involving a box cutter to the best way to laugh when finding out your spouse gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to her former lover, who ended up spending it on a Mercedes? Now, we know Bryan Cranston is deservedly nominated in the Best Actor in a TV Series (Drama) category for his portrayal of lead character Walter White, but that isn't enough. Here are ten reasons why Breaking Bad should be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series (Drama) (and consequently Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito in the Best Supporting Actor category). Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

1. Because Breaking Bad is shot on 35mm film and features stunning on-location cinematography that showcases the deserts of New Mexico.

2. Because the female characters are complex, brave, hilarious, and surprising. While we laugh at Marie's obsessive use of purple in her home décor, we also feel for her unfailing spousal support of Hank, even when he's being a self-pitying jerk.

3. Because Hank's obsession with minerals is oddly touching.

4. Because Vince Gilligan earned the violent writing award for the most vicious, out-of-nowhere, unflinching murder scene involving the aforementioned box cutter that took the audience, and Walt and Jesse, by surprise.

5. Because actor Giancarlo Esposito's expressionless mask as drug kingpin Gustavo "Gus" Fring was revealed to be a complex mask of revenge for the murder of his former partner in a Mexican business deal gone wrong. This season showed us who Gus truly was, and for a moment we sympathized with him, even cheering when he pulled off the mass murder of an entire cartel. Not only was that entire scene bad-ass, but Esposito's explosive exit, while straightening his tie and offering that same calm Gus countenance, was bad-ass, too.

6. Because Aaron Paul is so fantastic in the role of Jesse Pinkman that Vince Gilligan chose not to kill him off after the first season. And he keeps delivering season after season as the second banana to Walter White, albeit one with a bewildering backbone. This season saw Jesse react to the aftermath of committing his first murder, the return to his drug addiction, the utter destruction of the house that his cancer-stricken aunt left him, and the subsequent character turn in which we saw him take control of himself and realize his purpose. Oh, and then there was his devotion to fellow addict Andrea and her young son Brock -- and that showdown scene between Jesse and Walt, which alone is worthy of a nomination.

7. Because the subplot involving Walter White as drug producer and his brother-in-law Hank as a DEA agent putting the pieces together was riveting. We know this storyline will be major in season five, thanks to the foreshadowing and suspense in season four.

8. Because Walt got drunk and turned into Heisenberg at the dinner table right to Hank's face in front of his whole, unsuspecting family. Except for his wife Skyler, of course.

9. Because Skyler can lie her pants off better than any other character, and she hasn't completely broken bad yet. And we know she will.

10. Because Walt "won" this season, and now he just needs his show to do the same.