Other Hello Kitty Phones Jesse Pinkman Of 'Breaking Bad' Should Consider

On last Sunday's "Confessions" episode of "Breaking Bad," lawyer extraordinaire Saul Goodman had to supply his client Jesse Pinkman with something important:

goodman phones

A cell phone! But not just any cell phone...

hello kitty

That's right. A "Hello Kitty" cell phone. Jesse was perplexed to say the least:

But little does Jesse know, he actually has plenty of other options when it comes to Hello Kitty phones.

This little guy comes with a big price: $164.

Okay fine, you don't like it.

How about this flip phone, which somehow costs $129?

Okay, a little warmer.

This Samsung is only $99 and has a whopping 3 megapixel camera!

Damn it Jesse, what do you want?!

It all makes sense now.