'Breaking Bad' Meth Lab In Legos (PHOTOS)

Okay, so it's not the kind of LEGO set that you'd want to give to your kids, but this "Breaking Bad" custom build is the coolest homage to AMC's hit drama since the point-of-view shot reel surfaced earlier this year.

The model recreation of the show's deluxe drug lab was built by a friend of Redditor GaryIsYouDotCom, who posted the set on June 18.

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The lab looks like a creative mash-up of various LEGO sets, which -- let's be honest -- is the most fun part of playing with LEGOs anyway. Uproxxx called the model "proof that the Internet is both weird and awesome." (But mostly it's just awesome.)

As i09 points out, " ...there are recreations of Gale's coffee machine, Walt's pure blue crystal meth, chicken merchant Gustavo Fring, and that episode where Walter goes bonkers trying to kill the fly."

Pretty great stuff, but there is one thing that needs calling out: If the guy with the crutches is supposed to be Walt, Jr., it might have been a little more sensitive to give him a more sympathetic face. Just sayin'.

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[via Reddit]

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