Here's One Real Crappy Thing You Didn't Know About 'Breaking Bad'

A few hundred dollars would have saved Aaron Paul from this horrific moment.

On the fourth episode in Season 2 of "Breaking Bad," Jesse Pinkman falls into a Porta Potty while infiltrating a repair yard to get to his and Walter White's locked-away RV. In a disgustingly memorable scene, Pinkman collapses out of the plastic lavatory with a puddle of murky blue liquid and human excrement pooling around him. It's far from a fun scene for the actor who portrayed Pinkman, Aaron Paul, but did you know the whole thing could have been avoided if the "Breaking Bad" shooting budget had been just a tiny bit larger?

The Huffington Post talked to Jackie Sandoval, the co-owner, along with husband Frank, of Albuquerque's "Breaking Bad" RV Tours, in an ongoing retrospective of the show that ended in 2013. Previously, these conversations led to the finding that despite show creator Vince Gilligan's warnings, "fans" are still throwing pizzas on the roof of the real house that was used as the White home.

But here's a piece of trivia that's a bit more diehard -- as in, Paul probably wants to die hard whenever he thinks about this. 

"Jesse originally was supposed to be chased down by a bunch of dogs instead of falling into a Porta Potty," Jackie told HuffPost, explaining that "because of budget costs, [the show] could not afford to hire" a guard dog at $2,500 a day.

As Jackie tells it, "Vince Gilligan looked across the street from the junk yard and saw what we call on our tour a 'Porta Potty farm,'" which, in reality, was a storage lot with Porta Potties one could buy. "The cost for the Porta Potty was $100 to purchase it," Jackie said, and so, Paul's fate went to the dogs, or rather in this case, whatever that sludge is:

The Sandovals came into their RV-touring business as a joke. When a family friend came to visit and wanted to see the "Breaking Bad" filming locations, Frank and another friend who worked on the set drove him around Albuquerque. The family friend bet Frank that "there's no way anybody in their right mind would want to ride around in a piece-of-crap RV." After buying an RV which they modeled to look like the vehicle from the show, the Sandovals proved their friend wrong.

Working with crew members and others involved with the show, Jackie and Frank have built up an arsenal of "Breaking Bad" trivia that they dispense on their tours. As to be expected, the trivia is often tied to the locations they're showing off. For example, the two tell tour members that a scene featuring actress Betsy Brandt's character, Marie Schrader, stealing spoons from an "open house" was actually shot in a home that was for sale with a real, ongoing "open house."

But like the Paul Porta Potty trivia, they also have gossip that get at the actors' most uncomfortable behind-the-scenes moments. "Ever notice that Marie always wore purple and had purple things in her house?" Jackie asked. "Well, from what I have heard, there's a reason behind the 'purple' madness. When Marie went to wardrobe, to see what clothes she would be wearing on the show, she told the wardrobe lady, 'I don't care what I wear, as long as they don't put me in godawful purple.'"

Jackie continues with the kicker -- as in, Brandt must still be kicking herself -- "Well, little did she know that Vince Gilligan overheard her say that, and for a joke, he had them put her in purple."


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