'Breaking Bad' Meets 'Seinfeld' In Parody 'Pinkman' Spinoff (VIDEO)

'Breaking Bad' Meets 'Seinfeld' In 'Pinkman' Spinoff

The internet has developed a new way to cope with the increasingly dark and depressing season of "Breaking Bad": parody videos that remix scenes from the AMC meth drama with the theme songs from Larry David sitcoms to take the edge off.

YouTube user Edmond Hawkins has created "Pinkman," a parody "Seinfeld" spinoff starring Aaron Paul's "Breaking Bad" character Jesse. And last week, an alternate ending to the shocking final scene of "Dead Freight" went viral that utilized the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme to draw a laugh from the horrible twist.

The new "Pinkman" video above takes the awkward "Who's Afraid of Skyler White" dinner party scene from Sunday's "Buyout" episode, adds the "Seinfeld" theme and a laugh track over Jesse's attempts to break the ice, and magically turns the cringe-worthy scene into a LOL-worthy sitcom.

The only thing left to say is, "Helllooo, Pinkman."

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