This 'Breaking Bad' Tribute Video Will Give You Chills

Long live Heisenberg!

Ever since "Breaking Bad" ended, we've been going through Walter White withdrawals. The iconic AMC series garnered critical praise during its five year run and fans of the show are some of the most dedicated, loyal bunch of people out there. They invent mashups, write blogs and religiously re-watch the series on Netflix. Oh, and they also create some amazing tribute videos.

French "cinema addict" Alexandre Gasulla has produced a beautiful video that pays tribute to the popular drama. Set to some haunting music, the video shows the wildly violent transformation Walter White goes through. From down on his luck family man and brilliant chemistry teacher to the cruel, calculating meth lord known as Heisenberg, the video grabs some of the most intense and emotional scenes throughout every season and compiles them in a recap that looks like it should be a trailer for a blockbuster movie.

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