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Fan Theory Suggests 'Breaking Bad' Could Be Prequel To 'The Walking Dead'

This may just be the fan theory to end all fan theories. What if "Better Call Saul" isn't the only show out there to be based on "Breaking Bad"? What if "The Walking Dead" is actually a sequel to the recently concluded hit?

This is the theory posed by Donna Dickens; she has postulated that "Breaking Bad" is actually a very clever and subtle prequel to "The Walking Dead." It appears that Blue Sky meth, a certain red-hot Dodge Challenger, and perhaps even Jesse Pinkman appear in both shows, in ways that could potentially link these two very different plot lines together.

Does this mean that Walt's meth empire could have created the legions of "walkers"? Was that season-two scene where Jesse cries in a crack house, surrounded by zonked-out users, actually foreshadowing of the desolate, half-dead wasteland of "The Walking Dead"?

Obviously, it's quite likely that the two AMC shows have simply included these easter eggs as nods to one another. Besides all shows reuse props once in a while; if the studio already has a super cool Challenger on hand, it only makes sense to sneak it onto the screen as often as possible.

There's a good reason all those anti-drug commercials say "Meth: Not even once," but this takes things to a whole new level. It's a bold theory, but it's plausible. Check out Dickens' theory and evidence in full over at HitFix and decide for yourself whether these two beloved shows are actually two different sides of the same AMC coin.

Correction: This post previously referred to "Better Call Saul" as a sequel to "Breaking Bad." It is, in fact, a prequel.

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