Breaking Bad 's Only Plot Flaw: Sorkin & Gray Matter

In the end, had Walt hit 'horn' instead of 'unlock' the showdown with the Neo-Nazis would have gone a very different way. And, yes, who knew payphones are still so readily available? But the only actual plot flaw in the magisterial Breaking Bad was Charlie Rose "quoting" an Andrew Ross Sorkin column which criticized billionaires Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz.

Sorkin is an archetype of the fellatio and answer school of economic hagiography. The notion that he would question the rich and powerful is tantamount to Rick Santelli uttering a coherent sentence or Erin Burnett marrying someone for their personality.

Ours is a land where illness can lead the average family to a virtual debtor's prison. Where we fill the jails with drug users and deny food and education to their children. And where even the smallest steps toward being an enlightened country are met with the braying convulsions of a thing like Ted Cruz.

So it's good that Walt got to go out on his own terms. As for the rest of us, it's hard not to feel as though we're nothing more than bits of aluminum in a Goldman Sachs warehouse.

Which is why the greatest lesson taught by Walter White is simply this: If you want the 1% to do anything beyond their own self-interest you must credibly threaten them. It was great to see the 99 percent be the one who knocks... even in fiction. Goodbye Walter.