'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Stills: See More Photos Of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart In The Film

Despite Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's recent complications, the "Twilight" show must go on. In that spirit, eight new stills from "Breaking Dawn Part 2" have been released, featuring Bella, Edward and a few other familiar faces.

One particularly endearing photo sees the film's stars cuddling in what appears to be a nice lush green area, replete with flowers. Bella's arm is thrown luxuriously around Edward's neck.

The duo's daughter, Renesmee, also makes an appearance in the photos. In the film, and, obviously, the Stephanie Meyer book on which it is based, Edward, Bella and lots of other folks must fight the Volturi (think: the vampire mafia). Previously released images depict Renesmee meeting Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

See the stills, which were furnished by Summit, below the first 8 photos are new). "Breaking Dawn Part II" lands in theaters Nov. 16.

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Photos