Breaking Free From The Middle-Aged Mom Uniform

Some days, I just don't want to get dressed. If I'm lucky, it's a day where I'm working from home and I'll throw on a pair of exercise pants, a bra and a T-shirt. I'll brush my teeth but not put on any make-up. Then I sit down at my computer and write.

On the days that I'm going to my other job, where I work in a real office, I need to put a little bit more effort in to looking casually professional. (I can wear flip flops. After all, it is South Florida.)

Over the last six months, I've found myself just rotating the same old mom clothes on to my body. And I mean old. Comfortable khaki pants bought for a trip back in 2012 paired with an old black shirt and a matching black belt. Or a pair of frayed cargo pants from 2010 paired with an Old Navy tee. Those are two of my go-to outfits.

But I haven't felt good about what I've been wearing. I've been feeling frumpy and dumpy and going around town hoping that I didn't see anyone that I didn't want to see.

In the last few months, since I've changed my eating lifestyle, I've lost some weight and my body shape is changing. No more middle-aged boob spread. Less muffin top. I'm a little sleeker. (Emphasis on "little.") Because of this, I've been delving back a little further in to my closet and some of my old-old clothes fit me and seem new again.

And I'm making more of an effort to wear the clothing that makes me feel good.

One of the ways I prod myself in to dressing better is to imagine that I'm going to run in to someone that I wouldn't want to see unless I'm "dressed". It could be an old boyfriend, a former female friend who shunned me after I started dating my husband, or someone from so far away that it'll never happen. (Well, never say never.)

I'm not talking fancy dress. Just everyday, looking good casual. The clothes that I might pack when I'm going on a vacation with my husband, yet "save" them for something special when I'm at home. Hair done, makeup on and, most importantly, not wearing those ratty old olive green bermuda shorts that I've had for five years.

And it's been working for me.

Here's the thing I've realized from my little change (And it is little because so far I haven't bought any new clothes. Just used what was in my closet.): I go through the day feeling better when I think I look good. It's kind of the same feeling that I get when I walk in to my bedroom and the bed is made and the clothes are put away.

The bottom line is that if I think I look good, I feel good. And I like feeling good every day.

How much effort do you put in to your daily dressing?

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