Breaking Gender Roles: The Trans Enough Project

With today’s media representation of transgender people, most of them who are in the spotlight tend to follow traditional gender roles and the narrative that starts off with either “I was born in the wrong body” or “I have known since I was little”. While there are many who can definitely relate to those stories, there are still a good portion of the transgender community who either don’t follow that narrative, have the same transition journey or even conform to the gender binary. With so many narratives echoing very similar stories, many transgender people continue to struggle with their gender identity feeling that that they aren’t “trans enough” because they don’t seem to fit all the “criteria” or others tell them they don’t.

With so much debate on what makes someone “trans enough”, even within our own communities, transgender YouTube Chase Ross has create the “Trans Enough project”, an ongoing video series where transgender/gender-nonconforming folks can come together and share stories that made them feel invalidated. Originally created in 2012, Chase Ross has revived the project back in July 2016 and has continued to accept submissions since. Regardless of your gender identity, you are valid no matter what anyone else says. And YES - you are trans enough!

If you identify as transgender and would like to submit a video clip for the project, you can send it to You can also check out Chase Ross’ YouTube channel here for resources regarding transgender/gender nonconforming individuals.

He recently released part 2 of the video series, which you can check out below:

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