Breaking News: Love Heals The World

I still want to believe in this fictitious headline, because I know love could heal the world.
These words dissolve in the smog of daily gun violence, headlined ugly words hurled back and forth between political candidates as they campaign, terror attacks across the globe. You can see the glazed eyes of fellow Americans as they traverse their daily lives, looking down into hand-held technology devices that distract and divide us.
What's a human being to do?
Love, obviously, has to make a comeback.
But we need to think about the matter, not just nod and reminisce about Beatles songs. Remember "All You Need Is Love"?
We need to bring the word, love, down from the intellectualized memory of a time when the world talked and sang love and valued the idealism of love.
We need to plop love down in the center of our personal lives and look microscopically on what it is and where it might apply. Where is the love? Where is it missing?
If we condition our lives to be led by a soft heart, will it make a difference?
Should we consign and exclusively assign love to changing the world, we are dreaming aloud and skipping the urgent, intimate steps toward that lofty goal.
Love is personal.
Love is not about crisscrossing the globe to feed poor tribal people.
That is the public demonstration of a love act.
Love begins right here, right now.
Love as if your life, your breath, your soul, the beat of your heart, depends on it.
Because it does.