Breaking News, MSNBC-Owned Twitter Account, Tweets News From 1985

The MSNBC Breaking News Twitter feed, appropriately called @BreakingNews, made a rather odd blunder today -- tweeting something out from 1985 as breaking news.

Posted at approximately 3:25 p.m. EST, the tweet read, "Gunfire erupts as police surround Philadelphia rowhouse occupied by activists from radical group MOVE"

Sure, this was a big story. The only problem? It was breaking news in 1985.

The story linked to has a clear dateline on it: "Mon, May. 13, 1985"

Twitter users quickly reacted to the mistake:

allen099: @BreakingNews Thank you for proving that yet again, research is not done much of the time. It's all about who's first. Thanks MSNBC.

PRStoetzer @BreakingNews This is a story from nearly 25 years ago!

stevehuff: Funnier than @BreakingNews accidentally tweeting a 25-yr-old news story - the stunning number of idiots unironically RT-ing it Twitter-wide.

Moments later, @BreakingNews caught wind of the error and posted a correction tweet: "Correction: Report of police confrontation with MOVE activists in Philadelphia is wrong; old story moved in rss feed." Here's context on the 1985 bombing.