Breaking the Bonds of Conformity

I used to be a unicyclist.

I learned to balance at an early age when I still needed a boost up to that high, slightly uncomfortable seat. I got up and started to pedal and once I got myself going I couldn't stop.

I traveled the roads holding myself upright. For years I traveled the previously traveled road. I got wrapped up in the sights and made sure to steer clear of the potholes.

I was what you would call a "unicyclist extraordinaire". For years I pedaled. For years I stretched my legs and over and over again I cycled through life.

Huff. Huff. Huff. Pant. Pant. Pant.

Recently something has changed. Have my legs shrunk? Has my energy waned? I can't seem to do it anymore. I have forgotten the repetitive movement of my legs. I can do nothing but stumble and fall.

It started when through my peripheral vision I started noticing things, colors and sounds coming from the less traveled roads. I became curious and wrapped up in what I saw.

Then the inevitable happened I fell. I fell down off my unicycle and couldn't get back up. For years I traveled and now I was trapped with one wheel lying forlornly next to me staring it's spoked eyes up at me.

I was trapped, stranded in my curiosity. If I had only kept my eyes on the paved path ahead I would not be here now stuck with the reflections of other paths before me.

I am a unicyclist who can no longer pedal. My heart isn't in it anymore. I am worn from the years of pedaling. I am weary of the muted colors and chaotic whispers.

I must lay my unicycle down to rest. Did I mention it is shiny red and the chrome shines like the sun? It was a beautiful piece of work crafted by the hands of conformity. I was so proud of my unicycle. But it is time. Time to either pass it down or let it lie.

I will miss you dear friend but I must move on. This time by foot. I will use my unicyclist legs and trek the new paths, stopping every few feet to take in the new sights and sounds. I will taste the forbidden fruit and leap the deepest of the other side where wonders exist.

I was a unicyclist and I was good. With my hair in pig tails I rode and I rode and I rode.

Now I am walker. On my own I travel and I find and I experience. I am happy. I am free. And the leaps, did I mention the leaps? They have given me flight.