'Two Souls' Photo Series Beautifully Captures The End Of A Relationship (NSFW)

The end of a relationship is always a confusing and emotionally fraught time -- and we've found a set of images that perfectly capture those heartbreaking moments.

On assignment for Upon Paper magazine, 21-year-old student and photographer Jordan Tiberio spent two days last year intimately photographing a couple she knew in what turned out to be the final weeks of their relationship. The resulting images are both stunning and haunting.

(Some images below are NSFW)

The couple, who Tiberio was already friends with, dated for one year and lived together for much of that time. According to the photographer, she shot the couple nude in order to capture them the way they might act alone together.

"Making the model feel I'm unfazed by their nudity is important to me, so that they can be at ease," Tiberio told The Huffington Post in an email. "Though I do not wish to objectify my models in any way, I treat the nude body as a prop; an ever-changing, transformative object, limitless in its potential beauty."

Tiberio was nervous about showing the subjects the final images, given their breakup, but instead found them grateful for the series.

"These pictures are special," the woman in the photographs told Nerve. "They are real, tangible representation of something that changed my life and changed me for the better."

See some of Tiberio's beautiful images below, and check out the rest on her website.

two souls

two souls

two souls

two souls

two souls



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