How Does A Breakup Affect Your Health?

We had mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere stop by the program to talk to us about what to do if you’re obsessing over an ex. His new program is called Exaholics and it's an online community designed to help people get through their breakups.

In our chat together, Dr. Jeff reveals that a breakup can do more than affect you emotionally - it can cause significant physical damage as well. “After a breakup,” Dr. Jeff says, “Your emotional immune system can be lowered.” Lack of appetite, lack of sleep, and constant anxiety can wreak havoc on a person. This activity “releases toxic hormones and neurotransmitters,” and can totally “wipe your body out,” if not careful.

"Begin to Relax"

The most important thing you can do after a breakup is to start finding ways to relax. “Take care of yourself, get a good night’s rest,” says Dr. Jeff. “Your health is the most important thing in dealing with a traumatic situation.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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