10 Breakup Notes From Kids Who Want Nothing To Do With Love

Who has time for a relationship when there's recess?

Breaking up is hard to do...unless you’re a kid. Then it’s as easy as ABC.

Below, 10 breakup letters from young’uns who could teach us a thing or two about how to end a relationship.

1. This little girl with some standards. (Sorry, Shawn.)

You blew it Shawn #relationships

A photo posted by David Demarest (@ddem2000) on

2. Paige, a “dibors”-averse little lady.

Tragic #kids #relationships

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3. Stevee, a kiddo who doesn’t mince words.

4. This camp-bound ‘90s kid.

Going trough my stuff at my parents house #breakupletter #1990 #sarahwilliamson

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5. This super apologetic kid.

6. This conflicted box checker.

7. This kid who’s far too complex for checking boxes.

8. This handwriting perfectionist.

9. This pro at letting ‘em down easy.

10. And this pint-sized heartbreaker.

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