Breakup Video: Couple Announces Split In The Cutest Way Ever

Couple Announces Split In The Cutest Way Ever

Breaking up is hard to do -- especially when you have to explain why you broke up to your friends. Who wants to share -- and relive -- all the mistakes and messy personal problems that ruined your relationship?

That's why we've got to hand it to Jonathan Mann and Ivory King, a real-life couple who found a relatively painless way to do it: they simply released a cutesy, sing-song-y music video announcing their breakup to friends, family and the entire interwebs on Mann's YouTube channel. Smart!

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In the video, picked up by Jezebel on Tuesday, the adorable couple get down with some hip-wiggling choreography and explain that they've got to call it quits because they're divided on the issue of kids: Mann wants them and King simply doesn't.

"After five whole years/ By each other's side / There are just some things / No relationship can survive," they sing, after reminding friends to not feel weird about inviting them both to parties.

WATCH: Jonathan and Ivory discuss their breakup video on HuffPost Live:

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