'Welcome To Motherhood' Rap Is Just What Parents-To-Be Need To Hear

Countless moms and dads have lamented the sleepless nights, messy stains, piles of laundry, and general confusion that come with welcoming a new baby home. But parents-to-be still ask, "Just how bad are those first few months?"

The hilarious moms behind "The BreakWomb" YouTube channel answer that question in their new "Welcome to Motherhood" rap. Featuring special guests Nyima Funk and Bridget Kloss-Dario, the spot-on rap video includes some informative advice about what's to come after giving birth.

"Your nipples will crack. Your lady junk is raw. Better get some nursing pads or you'll leak straight through your bra," goes one verse, with another adding, "Say goodbye to sleeping. Say hello to swollen feet and get ready for a period that lasts for several weeks."

Still, the chorus brings it back to what's most important about having a baby: "So much love, So much love. You're a little angel sent from heaven above."

But let's get back to the no sleep thing.

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