Breast Cancer and Naptime Activism


Breast Cancer Awareness Month always makes me think of a few friends. Friends who have struggled with the disease, and those who have loved ones who have lost their lives to breast cancer. Unlike the woman I drew in this cartoon, I have not walked, run or biked for Breast Cancer awareness. I am very grateful to those who do because it is so crucial that we raise understanding and money for the research that can put an end to this horrible disease. But there are others things I can do.

Here are three things I can do to raise awareness for breast cancer:

1. Educate myself by reading important scientific studies and posts about breast cancer. This interview by fellow MCAF blogger, Molly Rauch with Florence Williams, author of the book, BREASTS: A Natural and Unnatural History, is enlightening. In this book, Williams, a journalist and mom, goes on a very personal journey to learn more about how and why toxic chemicals end up in women's bodies. Williams connects the dots: "Pollutants in the air we breathe may increase the risk of breast cancer. For example, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which come from diesel exhaust and coal plants, have been shown to cause breast cancer in laboratory animals." MCAF blogger and breast cancer survivor, Judith Ross shares in her post, Pink + Green = Breast Cancer Prevention her feeling that, "...we shouldn't rest until we pin the last pink ribbon on the lapel of the last corporate polluter, and send them packing." This echoes legendary environmentalist, Rachel Carson, who died of breast cancer, "Can anyone believe it is possible to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?"

2. Naptime Activism is a phrase coined by MCAF co-founder, Dominique Browning. She says, "...Because I know how hard it is to find a moment for myself, much less for the whole world. But I also know that the whole world is what awaits my children. And I know that sometimes, being a good mom means being an engaged citizen. Naptime Activism means you can do things to make the world better, safer, and cleaner -- while your child naps. You can sign a petition to Congress faster than you can change a diaper." Please send some Naptime Activism to MCAF partners, Breast Cancer Fund and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, and help them fight their missions to find a cure for breast cancer and keep cancer causing toxins out of the bodies of our children.

3. Drawing On Humor For Change is the title of my TED talk. I talk about how humor can empower women to change the rules. I am very grateful to those who fight to raise understanding and money for breast cancer. They continue to change the rules. In drawing this cartoon, my hope is that it helps to honor those who fought and will continue to fight breast cancer until we find a cure.

Has breast cancer touched your life? What have you done to fight for a cure?