Are Trans Women Being Left Behind With PrEP?

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Trans Women Being Left Behind with PrEP

A new review found that trans women are generally not well-informed about the HIV-prevention treatment known as PrEP, even though many are interested once informed. To close the gap, the authors say that both clinicians and researchers need to be more trans-inclusive and account for the barriers that trans women face.

Breast Cancer Barriers Found in Trans Community

NBC News reports that trans people face high barriers to getting screened and treated for breast cancer. Since breast cancer is a disease strongly associated with women, many trans men find it hard to access these services. The report notes that both trans women and men face some risk of breast cancer and should consider getting screened.

Utah Advocates Fight for Equality in Schools

LGBT advocates in Utah made history by suing the state’s education department for its law that ban teachers and students from discussing LGBT identities in schools, arguing that it prevents addressing LGBT health, bullying and civil rights. More than a half-dozen other states have “don’t say gay” laws in public schools.

HIV “Patient Zero” Cleared of Bringing Epidemic to the U.S.

Researchers discovered that Gaétan Dugas, a flight attendant vilified in the 1980s for having brought HIV to the U.S., was far from the first person to contract the virus in the States. In fact, new evidence shows that HIV had been present in the U.S. as far back as 1970 ― much earlier than commonly believed ― but that it took years for scientists to identify it.

A History Lesson on Tobacco Targeting LGBT

Advocates and public health officials alike marked LGBT History Month by sharing how the tobacco industry has targeted the queer community for decades. From the infamous “Project SCUM” to suggesting LGBT smokers “take pride” in new flavors, it’s a sad story that helps explain why LGBT people still suffer from major tobacco disparities.

Evidence Builds for Changing Trans Diagnosis

Researchers found support for the World Health Organization reclassifying “transsexualism,” currently a psychological disorder, to the less-stigmatizing “gender incongruence.” Both patients and providers felt that the proposed terminology was an improvement and was worth including as a medical diagnosis, although most believed it would still carry some stigma.



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