'Breast Year Ever'? Chicago Radio Station Gives Away Breast Implants

Chicago classic rock radio station WLUP "The Loop" on Sunday announced the two winners of their "Breast Year Ever" contest, a breast augmentation giveaway worth $7,000.

"It was so difficult to pick just one winner, we had to pick TWO!" the station announced. "Isn't it ironic that we ended up giving away a 'pair' of boob jobs!"

The contest, launched on Jan. 3, called on entrants "in need of a tighter t-shirt" to submit their application to the station. The contestants' application, according to the blog Chicago Radio and Media, entailed sending in a photograph of their natural breasts ("above-the-neck optional") to be judged, along with a written reason why they desire the surgery.

The two winners, Carrie and Alishia, shared their stories of why they desired breast augmentation. Carrie, of Crown Point, Ind., is a bank teller who gave her husband her kidney three years ago. Mike, her husband, reportedly said "he wanted to give her the breasts she's always wanted" in return.

Alishia, of Oak Lawn, battled cancer when she was young and, because of the radiation she received, has never been able to develop breasts. She chose to go into nursing as a career path "to help others who are dealing with medical issues just like she did," according to the station's website.

WLUP is far from the first radio station to offer up a new pair of breasts as a contest grand prize. Earlier this year, Calgary station Amp Radio offered up breast augmentation in its "Breast Summer Ever" contest. The contest was ultimately won, by a landslide, by transgender woman Avery Mitchell, but not before the station received flak for what some called the contest's sexism.