Breastfeeding Gets A Seussian Twist With 'The Places You'll Feed!'

"On a train! On a plane! At a game in the rain!"

Lauren Hirshfield Belden, mom of two, has written a book that combines the two aspects of parenthood that some parents know very well -- breastfeeding and Dr. Seuss.

Belden's book The Places You'll Feed!, illustrated by Isabelle Angell, is a lactation-themed take on the Seuss classic Oh The Places You'll Go. The narrator speaks to new moms as they navigate the often confusing and chaotic world of breastfeeding. There's no shortage of strange scenarios and places where nursing moms may find themselves in the book -- from nursing on the go to multitasking at home to figuring out the baby's preferred position.

Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell

"I had joked many times with friends that someone needed write about all the crazy lengths we go to in order to feed our babies," Belden told The Huffington Post. "I guess all that talk ended up on the page."

For Belden, breastfeeding was a frustrating experience as she faced obstacles like mastitis, an "unpredictable to dismal" milk supply and an infant gastrointestinal condition that completely altered how she could feed her son. "In short, breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done," she said.

She hopes people who read her book before having children feel better prepared for some potential challenges they might face. She also believes it can provide a little comic relief.

"For moms and dads who are in the thick of it and having trouble, I hope the book makes them feel less alone in their struggles, and helps them celebrate the hard work they’re doing to feed their babies," Belden said.

Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell
Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell
Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell
Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell
Lauren Hirshfield Belden/Isabelle Angell

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