'Breast Milk Baby' Breastfeeding Doll Heading To U.S. Retailers

A doll that lets girls mimic breastfeeding?

You really can't make this stuff up.

Spanish company Berjuan Toys is introducing its breastfeeding doll, called "The Breast Milk Baby," to the U.S. at the end of this month at a Las Vegas trade show, ABC News reports.

Here's how it works: The doll comes with a special halter top that the child puts on, and on the halter top are two flowers positioned right where the nipples are meant to be. The doll makes a suckling noise and moves when its mouth comes close to sensors embedded in the flowers.

Says Dennis Lewis, U.S. representative for Berjuan Toys:

The Breast Milk Baby lets young girls imitate mothers in a natural, caring way. Acting just like "mommy," girls can learn another natural nurturing skill about taking care of a baby. Just like changing, bathing, swaddling, singing, rocking to sleep, and cuddling for a healthy baby.

Response to the breastfeeding doll has been mixed, with some parents calling it "bizarre" and "ridiculous," CBS News reported. Some also say it's sexualizing girls at too young of an age, according to the Baltimore Sun.

But others say that the hype is overblown.

"That they [critics] would jump from a breastfeeding doll ... that you would take a child feeding and would automatically sexualize it says more about you than the doll," mommy blogger Jessica Gottlieb told ABC News. "It's a doll. If you don't like it, don't buy it."

Berjuan Toys has already made $2 million since the doll was released four years ago in Spain, Forbes reported.

There have been other dolls in the past that have stirred controversy. One famous one that's out there on the market: Baby Alive, which eats and drinks and then poops and pees, the Washington Post reported.


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