19 Breastfeeding Moms Who Took Multitasking To The Next Level

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

It’s no secret parents are multitasking experts, and breastfeeding moms are no exception.

From nursing while applying makeup to pumping while competing in a half marathon, it seems there’s no limit to what breastfeeding women on the go will do to make it work. And though they’re sometimes called exhibitionists, the reality is they’re just moms trying feed their babies while living their lives.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we’ve compiled some awesome multitasking moments from nursing moms in the HuffPost Parents Facebook community and beyond. Without further ado, here are some of the activities women have juggled with breastfeeding and pumping.

While applying makeup
NFL player Antonio Cromartie took a video of his wife Terricka putting on makeup while breastfeeding one of their 2-month-old twins. The multitasking mom was prepping for the couple’s first date night since welcoming the babies.
While addressing Parliament
In May, Greens senator Larissa Waters made history as the first person to breastfeed in Australia’s federal Parliament. The following month, the politician reached another milestone: becoming the first person to breastfeed while making remarks on the Australian Parliament floor.
While attending a political rally
After Ohio mom Elle Bradford nursed her baby during a 2016 rally for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the senator reportedly thanked her for her support and later tweeted that society should not stigmatize women for breastfeeding in public.
While competing in a half marathon
Anna Young shared a photo of herself pumping breast milk while competing in a half marathon. "I don’t believe most of the people running past me could tell what I was doing, but I did have one woman look back and cheer me on because she knew exactly what I was doing,” she told HuffPost.
While pole dancing
Ashley Wright has been pole dancing for eight years. When she became a mother, she learned to practice her moves while babywearing and breastfeeding her daughter.

“When she wants to dance with me, I always attempt to place her on my back as it allows me to do more moves than if she is on my front or side,” Wright told HuffPost. “Yet 98 percent of the time, the reason why she is on me is because she wants to nurse and would rather not wait."
While working at the office
“I work at a radiation oncology center that is open in the afternoon to treat patients,” Melissa Bressler told HuffPost.

“Some mornings I get to work early so that I can be better prepared for the day," she added. "My coworker walked up on this scene and was so thrilled she requested to take a picture to send to her sister because they are both so pro-breastfeeding and pumping.”
While appearing on a talk show
Journalist and television personality Dil Wickremasinghe attracted a lot of positive and negative attention after she breastfed her baby while appearing on the Irish talk show "Midday."

Wickremasinghe nursed as host Elaine Crowley remarked that the baby is “feeding away quite happily over there.” The mom replied, “let’s just hope my nipple doesn’t make an appearance.”
While getting married
When Christina Torino-Benton’s 9-month-old daughter started crying in the middle of her wedding ceremony, she turned to her fiancé, Danny Benton, said “It’s happening" and then sat down to breastfeed her.

“I made it work... I had to!” Christina told HuffPost. “Danny has always been so incredibly supportive on this breastfeeding journey, so he just nodded in agreement.”
While using the bathroom
Elisha Wilson Beach went viral after posting a photo of herself nursing her daughter while sitting on the toilet. "Dealing with motherhood with acceptance and a sense of humor has often been my saving grace, and I thought this picture captured that perfectly," the mom wrote in a HuffPost blog about the experience.

"I didn’t post it to make a huge statement about motherhood. I posted it to share my truth as a mom and help my mom friends feel comfortable with their truth," she added.
While practicing yoga

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Carlee Benear attracted quite a following with her stunning Instagram photos, which show the mom breastfeeding while practicing yoga.

“Once we started feeding and flowing, a spark ignited,” the mom explained. “Having her there with me flowing off of my energy helped me stay relaxed through the struggles of early breastfeeding. Some people relax by sitting in a chair or on a couch, I find my zen within my body.”
While getting a college degree
Ariadne Casillas
"Over the last four years I have birthed and breastfed three boys as a stay at home mom and full time college student," Ariadne Casillas told HuffPost.

The mom said she pumped while student teaching, while staying up late to do homework and on graduation day. "I have nursed in doctors offices, at the beach, in a pool, every hour of the day, and various restaurants," she said. "I'm a firm believer in being able to nurse ANYWHERE!"
While working out
Lifestyle and fitness coach Monica Bencomo figured ways to breastfeed while working out. Though she's been criticized for potentially putting her children in danger, she told Cosmopolitan she chooses her multitasking workouts carefully.

"I can squat 250 pounds, but would never do that around my kids," she said. "I just use common sense with our workouts."
While hiking
Kayla Mills
Kayla Mills nursed her 7-month-old daughter Zoey Nell while hiking with her family in Big Bend National Park.

"It was incredible," she told HuffPost, adding "Don't worry, she was in her Tula when not nursing."
While appearing on a news show
Writer and entrepreneur Rachel Sklar tweeted a gif from a CBC News broadcast in which she appeared as a guest commentator. “I went on TV while nursing and you couldn’t tell (until the end),” she wrote, referencing the moment her baby’s hand sneakily appeared in the frame.

Sklar had been invited to appear on the network to discuss diverse Barbie dolls. "I let them know I was home with no childcare and might have to nurse her to keep her quiet if I couldn’t get her to sleep ― which is what I did!” the mom told HuffPost.
While modeling
After model Nicole Trunfio brought her newborn baby son to for her Elle Australia photo shoot, a picture of her breastfeeding him landed on the June 2015 cover.
While teaching
Heidi Orth
Indiana mom Heidi Orth breastfeeds while teaching. "I am a homeschool mom of nine, and every day, various duties call," she told HuffPost.

"I have nursed while teaching, doing laundry, even cooking (safely of course!)," she added. "My husband took this photo of me conjugating French verbs on a whiteboard while nursing our eigth child."
While having an at-home spa treatment
Nikky Madonna
Nikky Madonna shared a photo of herself breastfeeding while engaging in a little R&R. "*Trying* to have a relaxing, at-home spa treatment ... Baby needed the boob," she wrote in the caption.
While attending a parliamentary session
Argentinian legislator and human rights activist Victoria Donda Pérez nursed her 8-month-old daughter Trilce during a parliamentary session. Infobae, an Argentinian news site, shared a photo of the moment on its Twitter and Facebook, sparking much debate.
While canoeing
Micah D Frank
Micah Frank shared a photo of herself juggling breastfeeding with some outdoor adventure. "Nursing and paddling a canoe with a dog to boot!" she captioned the picture.