Meet Breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald And Four Other Real-Life Trans Parents

WATCH: Meet The Incredible Transgender Dad Who Breastfeeds His Babies

Amazon's new series "Transparent" is not just a home-run with critics who are calling it "one of the best new shows of the year." The moving depiction of a parent introducing her transgender identity to her family is also drawing attention to a new type of family that's becoming more and more common.

The stories of real-life trans parents are just as beautiful as the one told in "Transparent," and HuffPost Live's Alex Berg spoke with a few wonderful examples on Tuesday.

In the video above, transgender dad Trevor MacDonald opens up about his unique experience with parenthood. MacDonald began transitioning at 23. As he explained in a HuffPost blog, he had his breasts removed but opted not to have "bottom surgery," which preserved his ability to bear children. Years later, MacDonald had married his partner Ian, and MacDonald got pregnant.

Though he had no breasts, MacDonald learned that he could possibly produce a small amount of milk that could supplement his son's diet. It took plenty effort, but he succeeded, and he later wrote that "nursing has taken on dimensions that I never imagined would be possible for us." Read MacDonald's post about his breastfeeding journey here.

MacDonald's HuffPost Live interview is definitely worth a look. Not only did he speak eloquently about his experience, but he also breastfed his brand new baby throughout the conversation.

Below, meet four other inspiring parents who are living in their truth and raising children post-transition.

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