'Breathless,' A Denver Film By Air Ball Creative For TEDxMileHigh, Might Be Our New Anthem (VIDEO)

WATCH: Inspiring, Beautiful, 'Breathless' Denver

Both are accurate, yet somehow neither fully captures the sheer inspiring beauty of "Breathless," a video directed and produced by Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland of Air Ball Creative, and structured around a poem by Denver slam poet extraordinaire Ken Arkind.

The 3 minute, 51 second film debuted at TEDxMileHigh: Values + Instincts in June, and was concepted "to get people excited about the place we call home, the place where these big ideas and exceptional people live."

Mission accomplished -- and then some.

Assembled along an appropriately "breathless" timetable, Roseland told HuffPost in an email the duo shot at more than 50 locations, with only “45 days, 2 people with help from a few friends, and $0 budget to complete the project.”

"Breathless" was narrated by Theo “Lucifury” Wilson, and layered on top of "The Time to Run," a musical backdrop composed by Dexter Britain.

WATCH "Breathless," above. Read more at TEDxMileHigh.

UPDATE: This article has been updated with comment from Roseland.

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