Bree Olson Chicago Billboard: Charlie Sheen's Ex-'Goddess' Stars In Naughty New Ad


Chicago's employment situation has drawn the attention of sugar daddy dating site (Warning: site NSFW) — and its new billboard is drawing the attention of everyone else.

If the copy was too subtle, onlookers surely get the reference when they see the visual: the billboard stars a mouth-agape Bree Olson — a.k.a. one of "Tiger Blood-era" Charlie Sheen's "Goddesses."

According to a company press release, Chicago was picked as the rollout site for the campaign starring the retired porn star Olson since it has more registered users on the Web site than any other city.

Reading "Because the best job is a b**w job," Fox Chicago reports the billboard's frank message has upset some residents, particularly those with small children. The bawdy ad is highly visible from the nearby kid-friendly McDonald's.

Unhappy meals, indeed! Parents, however, aren't the only ones getting flustered by the lusty ad.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Mayor Rahm Emanuel was asked about the ad during a Wednesday City Council meeting, and the question led to some uncomfortable laughter. Emanuel told the reporter holding a picture of the billboard on his smartphone, “You are a living example of why people should not have either smartphones or technology."

On a more serious side, Emanuel conceded, "Look, we have a First Amendment. You usually operate under it," adding he had not yet seen the billboard himself but would have to look into it. Fox spoke to an attorney to parse language in the city's municipal code to see whether the billboard could be taken down for being "unlawful material harmful to minors."

It's really difficult to make that decision," Attorney Daliah Saper told Fox. "The city's code is really aimed at prohibiting the widespread distribution of pornography or anything else that's clearly elicit. I think it's going to be a matter of public outcry for the city to really step in and maybe limit perhaps the 1st amendment rights of the billboard."

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