Brendan Haas, Boy Who Donated Disney Trip To Fallen Soldier's Family, Gives Away Reward! (VIDEO)

WATCH: Boy Who Donated Disney Trip To Fallen Soldier's Family Donates His Reward!

Earlier this week, we told you about Brendan Haas, the 9-year-old boy from Kingston, Mass., who won a trip to Disney World, only to donate it to the family of a fallen soldier on Memorial Day.

Impressed with his generosity, ABC surprised Haas with a "red carpet" trip to Disney World for him and his family with all expenses paid, as well as honorary Disney citizenship.

But before "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts could even finish announcing the reward, Haas was already paying it forward -- again.

“We can’t accept a trip to Disney, but we have many more people who would like to have an all-expenses paid [trip] …so we can do another raffle,” he told the news source.

Through the first raffle, Haas drew the name Liberty Hope Steele, the 2-year-old daughter of Timothy Steele, a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last year at the age of 25. Haas had been trying to win the trip since February, and on Memorial Day, he presented it to the Duxbury, Mass., family, reports.

Brendan won the trip through a program called “A Soldier for a Soldier," which involves trading an item up for something bigger or better and started with a toy soldier in February. In what became a national endeavor, Brendan kept trading until he got the trip to Disney World, according to the news outlet. He announced he would donate his prize, and numerous families submitted nominees through facebook and email.

When asked why he donated, Haas simply told

“I think it would make them a lot happier,” he said.

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