Ex-NFL Player Brendan Langley Punches Out Airline Worker In Disturbing Video

The fight reportedly started when the employee asked Langley for the wheelchair he used to carry his luggage.

Ex-NFL player Brendan Langley was charged with assault after a fight with a United Airlines worker, outlets reported Monday. The employee was fired.

Partial bystander video of the brawl at Newark Airport, shared by TMZ, went viral (watch it below), showing the two squaring off and exchanging slaps and glancing blows. Langley then landed forceful punches that sent the worker tumbling behind the counter. The wobbly employee got up to apparently continue the fight and the video ended there.

Langley was arrested and charged with simple assault, cops told TMZ. United Airlines said United Ground Express had terminated the unnamed employee, who was not immediately charged, CNN reported.

The confrontation, which happened on Thursday, was sparked when the staffer asked Langley for a wheelchair he was using to carry his baggage, sources told ABC News.

The Port Authority said in a statement to CNN that Langley was “released on his own recognizance” after being charged.

On Monday, Langley, who played the 2017 and 2018 seasons as a kick returner and defensive back for the Denver Broncos, accused United of failing to deescalate the situation while he was “begging for help.”

“It was like they wanted it to happen,” he wrote on Twitter. “Like i had a target on my back.”

Langley, 27, signed as a free agent with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League in February and is listed as a wide receiver. The team told CNN it is looking into the incident.

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